Bubble is a Chappuis Halder & Co initiative designed to foster a collaborative environment and offer colleagues a mechanism to recognize each other’s contribution. 

How it works


Send and Receive Bubbles

At the beginning of every period, you will receive a fixed quantity of bubbles. Sending those bubbles to your colleagues will allow you to thank them and recognize their contribution to the team.
The received bubbles can then be redeemed for amazing rewards!


Redeem Your Bubbles

You will be able to redeem the bubbles you have received from your colleagues for your choice of item in the store. Earning bonus bubbles will allow you to acquire rewards faster...


Get Bonus Bubbles and Redeem Faster

Opening the app every day, sending bubbles to five different users, liking your colleague's transactions, and winning the weakly lottery will earn you bonus bubbles and help you achieve rewards faster. The more you engage, the more bonuses you earn!


Increase Collaboration within Your Company

Express gratitude, reward, or encourage 
colleagues... Beyond the game, Bubble is a tool designed to foster collaboration between the employees of a company, creating a true team spirit.


The Bubble project was developed in the New York office of Chappuis Halder & Co. The primary objective was to create a company reward program that recognizes the efforts of everyone.

Senior leadership may not always have a view into the contributions of each team member. Our solution is to have that recognition come directly from the members of the team.​

Sending bubbles is a great way to thank your colleagues and to recognize their hard work. The point is to create an environment of cooperation, and not necessarily competition. However, creating a game where everyone can win something and outperformers are especially rewarded, is a win-win for organizations and their employees.


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